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A 10-step process to finding a good doctor

There are two people you should never lie to: your lawyer and your doctor. But since you should be complete honest with them, you should also feel comfortable speaking with them. The research for a good doctor can be complicated and tedious, so we have compiled a list of measures for the selection of doctors.

Check your insurance:

Search for doctors on your network, in your insurer’s directory or on its website. Because doctors’ insurance policies change frequently, contact your office to confirm that your doctor is still taking out insurance.

Consider gender

Some people prefer to be treated by a female doctor, and others prefer a male doctor. It’s your body so you choose what you feel more comfortable with.

It’s like choosing a life coach, you decide what you feel more comfortable with. If you don’t have one already read 5 Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Ask your family and friends

Asking someone you trust an opinion is always fundamental. If you know someone who had a great experience with a particular doctor, you can take that advice. For sure, each of us has a personal medical education, and preferences but take in consideration other’s experiences is a great way to find the perfect doctor. Since most of us like to tell others about the experience in a specific treatment, we can use this as a great way to gather information. Take the courage to pick up the phone and make an appointment with the doctor that everybody is talking good about.

Read online reviews, but be careful

Nowadays it’s easy to google anything and find opinions about it. We are able to rate anything from beauty salons to restaurants, and leave reviews of Psychologist! From Facebook to Yelp, there are typically a plethora of reviews that can provide you with all the information and the first impression of a company. But make sure not to trust everything you read, browse the opinions and take your own conclusions.

Make a list

Make a list of qualities you want your doctor to have. If you have a personal need, you like a good listener, you prefer a doctor that has a special approach to modern medicine.. make it clear for yourself first. When you have all of this in mind will be easier for you to choose.

Consider a doctor with publications

Is your doctor a published author? Does he have a personal blog?

If yes, your doctor is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the work, probably has personal staff working to maintain the site up to date with good information.

There is, however, a line that can be crossed, if your doctor is more interested in marketing, social media, and TV appearances most probably is not giving enough attention to patients. .

Choose a doctor who is available when you need

Make sure your doctor is available when you need it. There is nothing more unpleasant than a visit to a doctor who is never available, difficult to find an appointment with and always busy.  We are talking about your health; you can not wait.

Choose a doctor who can communicate

You are the one who needs to know what’s going on! Medical language can be difficult sometimes. Choose a doctor who can explain you in an easy way your situation. Having a friendly doctor facilitates the communication between the two of you.

Call the office beforehand

You’ll be dealing with employees all the time, so you can call the office and get an idea of how the secretaries answer your questions. This is very helpful when you are narrowing down your options. Remember: you have to feel comfortable with doctors and staff.

Accept only doctors whose staff is well trained and a pleasure to speak with.

Listen to your gut feeling!

At the end of the day, it’s all about your gut instinct

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