These Are 10 Of Australia’s Hottest Start-Ups


Australia’s economy has taken an upward turn and a lot of new investments have been done in the country. This has strengthened the Australian dollar against the US dollar, and new job opportunities are popping up everywhere. The job market has become fertile and this is very good news for the locals as well as international candidates. Many start-ups have started popping up and job creation has been great so far. We see the job market scenario changing and the banking sector expanding with the neo banking start-ups. The digital platform has also been given the limelight and a lot of new agencies have begun their businesses in the recent past.

It will only get better in the coming years, with these brilliant start-ups making headway into the job market.

  • Canva: At the top of our list is Canva, which started in 2012. This software house is hiring aggressively, with over 400 employees currently. The headquarters is in Sydney and international offices in Manila and Beijing. The feather in their cap is the globally recognized design tool they created.
  • Shippit: This Sydney based product delivery company is one of the top start-ups of Australia. It zoomed in on a gap in the market and capitalized on it and became an instant hit. Its motto is ‘why can you get a burger delivered in 30 minutes, but not a pair of shoes?’ the business has a very loyal customer base and has fast become one of the top employers. Currently, it has over 55 employees and it is growing at a steady pace.
  • Judo Bank: Fast becoming the leader in the neo banking and fiancé sector, Judo Bank started in 2018, with a head count of 180 professionals. With its new policies and diverse workforce, this bank has made a mark in the financial market in a very short span of time.
  • Xinja: Another name in the neo banking sector, Xinja helps its customers track their finances with AI and mobile technology. It was formed in 2018, but with its new-age technology and stringent customer service, has become one of the top names in the finance sector.
  • Mantel Group: For a company that started in 2017, it has over 220 employees and a strong customer base. This software development and consulting company has its headquarters in Melbourne. Its approach is aggressive and is acquiring smaller businesses to increase its operations that are partnered with Amazon and Google.
  • Moula: This financing start up began its operations in 2014, and since then has acquired 71 employees, all of whom are specialists at their jobs. This financial services firm is changing the meaning of work life balance by developing a sense of community at the workplace. A work family that enjoys music and events together, stays together.
  • ClinictoCloud: This software house started in 2015 and became one of the hot new start-ups of Australia. It was a real innovation for the healthcare market with around 4500 healthcare professionals using its software.
  • Red Eye Apps: This interesting start up began in 2012, with now a headcount of 71. The headquarters are in Brisbane and it is a fast growing business for product management and business development. The CEO makes it a point to coach and train his employees himself, building leaders from scratch and developing their loyalty. This software house is proving itself to be a brilliant place to work.
  • Integrity Life: This new age insurance company began in 2018, is well known for its tech-focused approach.
  • Sonder: Started in 2016, this risk management company has been making ripples across the financial job market. It has state of the art facilities and its human resource policies are unmatched. The company has made a name for itself in the market in a very short period of time.

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