DJI Osmo action Vs. Go pro hero 7 review


These days, smartphones have amazing cameras. With very high megapixels and amazing quality, these cameras are just as good as professional cameras. However, they are too risky to hold when doing something adventurous or doing something that involves any sort of action.

This is because they are either too slippery and can easily fall or are just not waterproof enough for water sports. They are impossible to mount or fix in a way that would help you take the perfect footage. Here comes the camera that has been designed for this specific purpose – the action camera. It is an excellent asset in outdoor adventures and trips and will help you get the perfect footage from your trip that you can easily cherish, especially in a country like Australia.

Both cameras were compared to determine which has better results and a detailed review is presented below.

  1. Specs and features

Both the cameras are very similar in their specs and features and are near-identical on paper. They both can shoot in 4K and that is up to 60 frames every second. They also offer a different variety of sizes, if you want a lighter frame or picture. However, what differs is that the camera has HDR which the GoPro does too.  Waterproofing goes up to 11 meters while it goes up to only 10 in the GoPro. However, the GoPro does have a few features the rival does not. For example, there is a GPS for videos, which is not present in its rival. It has the option to live stream videos onto websites like YouTube.

  1. Video and image quality

Both the cameras have impressive video quality and shoot in 4K which gives amazing video content. So whichever one chooses comes down to their taste and preference. Both the cameras tend to edit videos by default to give a livelier and brighter look and enhance its quality to make it look good and appealing.  However, the two are not equal though, the GoPro has a better handling motion in terms of the 4K, so objects like grass look a little more natural in the GoPro in comparison to the DJI.

  1. Stabilization

The reason most people get an action camera instead of using their phones is because of the stabilization factor of the camera. This is why it is one of the more important factors between the two. GoPro has hyper smooth stabilization, meaning it gives much smoother results than the other model and the video is much more stable.  However, the DJI can take it a step further with its camera and can give an even more stable look which really is essential, especially when you are playing a sport or running.

Both cameras are very similar to one another and it is likely that they will give you a very similar video. However, there are tiny differences which make one better in some situations and the other better in other situations. We found competitive prices on the DJI Osmo here If it comes down to price, GO The go pro does offer a slightly cheaper alternative. Then again It all depends on the personal preferences of a person buying the camera.

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