Breaking into the Makeup Artistry Industry: Career Opportunities and Pathways After Graduating from College


The makeup industry is ever-expanding and so is the makeup artistry industry. There are a lot of career paths from which you can choose what you wish to be. Once you have graduated from college with a degree related to this industry, you will find that you have numerous doors open for you. Here are a few pathways and opportunities that become available to you once you have graduated from college.

Salon Makeup Artist

The most common career path that people choose after graduating with a degree of a makeup artist is working in a salon. It is a great way to gain experience and start your journey towards success. In a salon, you get to learn not just how to work in a professional setting, with time constraints and work stress, but also how to handle clients. Being able to handle clients with ease will help you become a popular choice among people who require your services.

Film and TV Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is one of the core crew members on a film or tv show set. Their work is to prepare all the cast members before scenes with the appropriate makeup. Sometimes, the makeup is simple and other times, a lot of skills are required to get the desired look. It can be challenging yet quite thrilling to work on a set. It teaches you how to work under pressure, how to get every detail perfect, and more. You also get to make good connections with the crew. It helps you get more clients and grow in this industry.

Fashion Makeup Artist

On the runway, the clothes are not the only thing that people admire. They also pay attention to the model’s makeup because it enhances the look of the outfit. A makeup artist in a fashion show is one of the busiest people behind the stage. Their skills are needed to complete the look of every model which is going to be walking out on the runway.

Bridal Makeup Artist

The wedding day is the day of the groom and bride and the latter requires perfect makeup to make her day more special. A bridal makeup artist’s job is to use their skills to give the bride the look of a lifetime. A bridal make up artist is always in demand because weddings happen almost year-round. They get more opportunities and clients through these weddings too. So, a bridal make up artist has no lack of client’s.


An aesthetician is a professional who works on enhancing their client’s beauty using cosmetic treatments like waxing, other body treatments, facials, etc. They also perform a variety of other tasks but advising clients about skincare regime and performing cosmetic treatments accordingly is their main job.

Beauty Consultant

A beauty consultant, as the name suggests, is someone who advises people regarding skincare, make up and more. They help the people who don’t have much idea about which products suit them according to their skin tone and type

The Bottom Line

These were some of the career paths that are open for you once you are out of college with a degree of a makeup artist. If you are looking for a makeup artist college in Australia, you can check out the TMICE website to get started.

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