Boho Decor for Every Room: Adding Bohemian Flair to Your Living Space

Gypsy spirit calls out for a bohemian-style house. In a world where monotonic fancy arrangements are preferred more, the bohemian look is balancing the scales to his side. The Bohemian look is not for the monotone people; it consists of bright colours and beautiful geometric designs that show interest in artwork. Bohemian style is rich and famous for its carefree style and a symbol of a free spirit.

Decorating your living room with boho decor can be a little challenging at times when you consider what other people are going to think, but it always works out the best with few considerations among the choices. Here is a 6-step process to finding the best boho setting for your living room.


No living room is complete without a beautiful rug. Since the surface area of the living room is the largest in the house, it also gives you more space to be creative with it. Persian and Moroccan rugs are best suited for this task. Not only are they famous for their design and look, but they also have a fancy style that looks very rich.

Wooden Furniture

Since boho-style ideas include natural elements, choosing natural wood furniture just seems right. If you can make your own wooden furniture, it’s icing on the cake for you as you tell your guest what you went through and the experience of making your own wooden furniture. Pairing the colour of your wooden furniture with nearby colours will surely set a beautiful boho look.

Vinyl Records, Along with Pillows

Diversity not only comes with different colours but also tastes in different things. You can have a set of vinyl records in a wooden casket followed by pillows all around to sit comfortably by the side, changing records and listening to songs. This setting is one of the most pleasant as it allows you to relax being close to the ground while listing to music.


Plants can make you feel close to nature as well as provide fresh air to breathe in, such a boho thought. Hanging plants in a pot around corners of the house or beside the tv frame can give it a natural feel. Not only are they good for introducing natural elements, but they can also provide you with a beautiful fragrance to keep your house smell fresh and beautiful.

Mixture Of Colours

Earthly tones are much preferred, like burnt orange, brown, and green; orange is an excellent choice to create a boho look in your living room. Using these colours separately or in a mixture, they don’t stop to give an amazing look and can complement any other colour if you choose to bring them into the vicinity.


Different sources of light, along with different colours, can change the entire look of your house at night. From multi-coloured LEDs to lamps and candles can spice up the look of your house. These settings can light up your home like a pro designer.


Free Spirit calls out for boho-style design. Not only do you get to have all the cultural things you love having at your home, but you also give your home your own individual look. Shop for coastal boho decor in Australia for the most surprising and uprooted items to create the boho look in your living room.




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