Is an RC Drift Car Worth It?


Is an RC Drift Car Worth It?


There are a variety of RC cars in the market and drift cars are one of them. They are different from a normal RC car in certain ways and that is why investing in them requires some thought. If you are wondering why you should buy an RC drift car instead of any standard RC car, here are a few things that will help you to make up your mind.

High Speed

High speed cars have a charm like no other. Same is the case when it comes to remote control cars. Everyone wants to have a remote control car that leaves dust in its wake. RC drift cars have a powerful brushless motor and with that comes high speed. You will find that drift cars have a better speed range than normal RC cars. They can quickly accelerate and are a great option not just for drifting but racing in general.

Smooth Movements

RC drift cars have a stiff suspension, which helps to make the drive smooth. Whenever you are racing a normal RC car, you will notice that not only does it tend to get out of control, but is also not as smooth when executing maneuvers as a drift RC car. So, for a smooth performance, an RC drift car is a great option.

Better Control

Drift cars respond better to controls because they are made to execute perfect maneuvers, which require restraint and reliability. Standard RC cars can get out of control but good drift cars respond quickly and reliably to whatever instructions are transmitted to them through the remote controls. This helps them not only perform better but also dodge obstacles easily, which is a great benefit as it prevents them from getting into any accidents.

Expert Understanding

Each time you drive an RC drift car, you gain a better understanding of things like braking under load, weight shift, counter-steering, and more. Slowly, you become an expert at not just drifting but handling any kind of RC cars. You get an impressive skill that you can show off whenever you are racing RC cars.

Low Risk of Toppling Over

There is a very minimal risk of an RC drift car’s accident by toppling or rolling over. This is because of the low ground clearance of such cars. Since they are closer to the ground, they don’t topple as easily as other RC cars which have a standard or high ground clearance.

Better Racing Experience

Driving RC drift cars provides an overall better racing experience than other RC cars with their smooth performance, high acceleration and quick response. Their battery power is also high, so they last longer and have a better run time after a charge.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the features and benefits of RC drift cars which make them worth the investment. Here is one of the best places to get Drifting RC Cars – Metro Hobbies. You can pick your choice of drift car and enjoy the experience of professional racing without buying an actual race car.

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