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Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A New Laser Printer


Whether you are getting a new laser printer in Australia for your home or office, you should consider several things before purchasing it. There are so many different models available these days and it can be very tough to deduce which one meets all your requirements. If you are indecisive, it is going to be a lot more difficult for you. Regardless, here are the top 10 things you should review when buying a new laser printer:

  1. Stay within budget

Due to so many models in the market, the costs of these printers vary. You will obviously have to set a budget that you are planning to spend on getting a new printer, so look for one within that budget.

  1. Monochrome or colour printer

Depending on whether you want coloured print outs or black and white, you need to choose between monochrome and colour laser printers.

  1. Check its functions

Make sure to look into all the functions that it can perform. If you looking for multiple functions like copying documents, scanning them, sending and receiving faxes, then look for a laser printer that is capable of performing all of these tasks. Such printers are called multifunction laser printers. Whereas, if you are looking for one specific function, then get a laser printer that specializes in it.

  1. Ability to connect

The best option is to look for a wireless laser printer, one that can also connect to Wi-Fi. This way you can communicate with the printer directly. If you are specifically looking for an office printer, then you should consider getting one with Ethernet so it can be shared among all the office workers.

  1. Toner cost

Unlike other printers, laser printer does not use ink. Instead, it uses toner for each color. Initially, the cost of purchasing a laser printer might be low, but the overall cost of replacement of the toner later can be quite costly. It is better to get a high yield cartridge such as the brother hl 2130 compatible toner cartridge or some other like this.

  1. Noise

To check the noise emissions of the printer, you will need to see it in action. Never get a printer without checking its noise level.

  1. Power Consumption

Another important thing to consider is to see how much power is used when printing.

  1. Print Speed and capacity

Based on whether you are getting it for home or office, you should check how many pages the printer can print. For example, for office you might consider getting one that can print 24 hours and an enormous number of pages.

  1. Ease of use

You should get one that is easy for you to use, where the paper tray can be easily accessed and loaded, and toner cartridges can be changed.

  1. Overall size

According to where you are going to install the laser printer, consider its overall size. For example, you might look for a more compact printer for your office and vice versa for home.

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