6 Secrets to Lighting Your Home office from Pro Designers


Working from home is an interesting and a great way to earn and many people are now preferring it over the conventional modes of working. Where it has a lot of advantages, working from home comes with a lot of challenges for an individual and setting up a proper home office is one of them. Firstly, contrary to the popular opinion, the importance of setting up a specific place for work at your home is something that is undeniable. Selecting the areas to specify for space, that we aptly came to know as a home office, is in itself the biggest challenge for those working from home. Once an area for a home office is demarcated, if it is not right beside the window, the biggest issue that follows is the lighting of this setup.

There are many hot startups in Australia today that have introduced efficient lighting solutions for a modern-day homeowner or office owners. If worked on with a creative nerve, one can easily take some smart steps to light up their home office with the assistance of these startups, other than just lighting the place up, can also add beauty and charm to the home office.  If you have been brainstorming secrets to light up your home office or have been stuck looking for problem-solving solutions, here’s what you can do:

  • Invest in quality lighting appliances: The best idea is to spend a little extra when it comes to the lighting of your home office and buy only the highest quality lighting equipment like the one offered by Articolo. This will ensure better lighting that won’t let workload put any pressure on your eyesight and will also not require a lot of maintenance.
  • Just one light is not enough: While purchasing, make sure to invest in at least two, if not more, lighting elements. You cannot expect to just fix a bulb above your head for it to fulfil all the lighting requirements. You workplace no matter how narrow or small it may be must be fully lit from dual sides to stop glare and shadows from disturbing you while working.
  • Stay minimal: Despite a single lighting source not being enough, home offices are also not a place to be lit with all the light you get your hands on. Extra lighting and too much intensity can hinder your work productivity and thus needs to be avoided.
  • Choose a single colour: Don’t go with different neon lights or even neutrals in different shades for lighting. Make sure not to use the old lights with no sense of harmony in their wavelengths just to save money as it can make your home office look really discordant in terms of lighting and can impact your eyesight too.
  • The colour of the walls is important: Because they are usually very small, make sure to get the walls of your home office painted in a light and neutral tone so that the lighting is not affected by the wall’s colours.
  • A table lamp is a must: Sometimes, you are required to focus on a very small text and a table lamp is the only source of help at that time. To light up your small table for a home office, a small lamp must be there at any cost.

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