Is Collaborative Problem Solving The Key Skill For The Fourth Industrial Revolution?


There has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the kind of jobs that will exist and be available in the future especially within Australia as well as elsewhere, and since last few years, it has been a great deal of incertitude. In fact, even the fact that whether enough jobs will even exist or not is quite unpredictable due to the rising technological capabilities. Collaborating problem solving basically involves a person’s cognitive processing that is associated with both social and cognitive skills. It includes individual problem solving processes and the communication processes that deal with the cognitive systems of the other members of the collaboration. In today’s workplace, team problem solving and collaboration are some very crucial skills and these are among other things considered whenever you are offered any opportunity.

The future calls for a completely different job scenario, where the key skill that will be required the most is collaborative problem-solving. The ability to work in teams and collaboration is what the most crucial skills are in order to keep up with the changing environment of the workplace in the coming times. One thing that has for sure been predicted is the fact that technology will make people from all over the globe come together and work side by side for a single task. As we proceed forward, the foremost idea is to combine knowledge and skills from a diversity of existing fields. The collaborative problem solving skills are surely taking over the workplace and there are many shared office space in Sydney CBD available now.

It is highly believed that bringing together and uniting the skills of people from all over the world can lead to better ways of training and analyzing people for their collaborative problem solving competence. Hence, it is completely true that collaborative problem solving is becoming the key skill for the fourth Industrial Revolution. The modern world problems immensely require the teams to merge group achievements with the distinctive knowledge of the team members. However, young people today really lack the collaborative problem solving skills and it is quite certain that most of them are not ready to start working. This can be a big issue given that these youngsters are the future of our workplace.

In order to possess these cognitive and social skills, it is very important for people to have clear accountability about the contributions each member makes to the task. Additionally, everyone should have a common purpose; since it is important for all the group members to work towards a common goal. Lastly, in order to be successful, it is highly significant that there is an interdependency of work among all the team members when working together to solve a certain problem. Since the youth does not have these skills yet, it is essential to indulge them in some dynamic activities that would help in building these skills and prepare them for the future workplace.  In order to succeed, one must go with the flow of the changing environment and adapt to the changes like collaborative problem solving skills for a secure future.

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