Basic Equipment to Launch Your Co-working Space


Basic Equipment to Launch Your Co-working Space

With the world moving towards digitalization, more and more people are increasingly depending on freelance or remote job opportunities, which not only give them the freedom to do the work they like, but also pays exceedingly better than typical 9-5 jobs. However, not everyone has a proper office space or home based office where they can sit and focus on their job, especially for people who live with families or roommates and not everyone can afford to create a proper home-based office either.

This is where co-working spaces come in to play. In the last decade or less, more and more co-working spaces have popped up worldwide. These places are basically proper offices, where you can rent out a desk or a cabin to work. These places don’t belong to a single company, but instead, different freelancers or small sized businesses and start-ups rent out shared work spaces. While it saves them the cost of establishing an office, it also provides the necessary office environment to focus on work.

If you are thinking about establishing a co-working space in your area, here are a few things you will need to start with.

  1. Desks & Cabins: Depending on whether you want your work space to be exclusive for each individual, or just a normal hall with desks and systems, design the interior with either individual cabins like in internet cafes or gaming zones or you can simply line up desks and shelves and drawers with proper chairs to accommodate more people. Many co-working space have both, a few cabins at the back, which typically rent out at a higher price, and desks or casual seating arrangements which can be rented by individuals. If you plan to make your co-working space available 24/7, you can also make each desk a shared place making it available to one person during the day shift and to another one during the night shift.
  2. Broadband Connection: You must invest in a good broadband connection that offers connectivity to numerous devices at the same time. Most people opt for shared working space in order to get access to commercial broadband and high internet speeds.
  3. Shelves & Drawers: In addition to the cabin and desks, also make sure that you have ample space to put up shelves and drawers or even locker cabinets for people to place their things in. You can even charge extra in your monthly rent packages for the use of lockers and cabinets if you are planning to give a user a dedicated locker in your shared workspace.
  4. Basic Stationery: Also make sure to have basic stationary items such as pens, papers, writing pads, pencils, erasers as well as markers, self-inking date stamp at Dial A Stamp and paper pins etc. You can even set up a small stationery station where people can buy stuff directly.
  5. Electrical Appliances: If you want to add luxury, introduce a mini refrigerator, a water dispenser and a microwave over in your shared working space and if you have any more space, make a small kitchenette or a dining room for people to conveniently eat during lunch breaks.

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