The Latest Trends in Digital Printing Technology in Australia


A major change came within the printing industry right when they decided to go digital. Technology created a major change however that has only helped the industry move forward and become better than it was ever before. The modern digital printing techniques have been shaping the current industry and pushing the boundaries. The trend seems to have gone up as the market now serves specific niches while new technology like speed inkjet has changed the way the industry functions. Below is a list of the different trends that are making headlines in the print technology in Australia. If you are looking to buy cartridges and other print-related equipment, then Toner City is the place to look.

  1. Better finishing options

As technology continues to update the industry is going towards better finishing of their prints. This is especially useful when it comes to commercial printing. The aim of the printing industry has become to make commercial printing more effective to get more attention from consumers and businesses. This process is now fixated on the automation of the printing process.  For example, automatic document feeders have started to become more and more common within printers these days. Experts in the field expect there to be many more technological advancements when it comes to finishing options, especially in terms of commercial printing.

  1. Environmentally friendly

With everything going on related to the environment, most companies have tried to make their products eco-friendly. This is why energy efficiency and environmental friendliness has become a huge selling point too. Companies have begun to manufacture environmentally friendly inks and toners. In future, they aim to have more efficient use of ink and toner too. For example, now companies are trying to make ink long-lasting and keep it from drying up for longer use. They are also creating smaller toner particles to create a defined image as well as reduce the amount of electricity used by the printer.

  1. 3D printers

The technology of 3D printers has been working wonders in many other fields, but now is also being introduced within the field of digital printing. People within the industry have begun using this. Hopefully, as 3D printers will start getting used in the print industry the technology will develop faster and the printers will become comparatively cheaper than they are now. This will not only benefit the print industry but many other industries too.

  1. Technological advances

In the last decade, technology has advanced tremendously. You can get files printed by just emailing them to your company. There are many services available now in Australia and especially in Melbourne. You can specify exactly what you would want from the automated service and with a click; you can have all your files printed. These services even come with human help who spell check your work and sort out any print issues that may occur. An example is Hugo which is based in Melbourne and specializes in commercial printing in the modalities of cardboard, retail and outdoor printing.

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