Top Emerging Business Opportunities Post-COVID-19


Not only has the coronavirus had a strong impact on our health and our social infrastructure but also on the economic development across the world. Due to a lack of social activity and restrictions of leaving homes, economies all over the world have suffered great losses. However, now that the pandemic is subsiding and the post-COVID world is emerging, it seems that there a few emerging opportunities coming forward.

If you are someone who lost their job during the pandemic or have been looking to change their job in this pandemic then this article is for you. Growing demand in certain sectors has seen companies such as MA Services offering additional employment opportunities to Australians. Below given are the few industries which are said to have emerging opportunities by using collaborative problem solving after the pandemic.

  1. Telemedicine

For those of us who have a compromised immune system due to some illness or another, going out of our homes and going to the hospital for checkups was not feasible at all. This is where telemedicine came in handy. Through the phone or the internet, you can contact a doctor and get your check-up done. This business was thriving within the pandemic and many believe that even after the pandemic the new digital form of medicine and therapy will continue to thrive.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

It is obvious why the pharmaceutical industry is thriving. In the pandemic, people began to stock up on medication while also there were many additional medicines created or repurposed to help reduce the symptoms of the virus. They have also brought in the cloud system to update other medical centres about progression in vaccines and even though a vaccine can take up to a year, the progress is still going pretty strong.

  1. Online Education

Online education has been thriving too. With children all over the world out of school, people have been using the aid of online education to teach their kids and help them spend their time constructively. Online teaching has had an influx of enrollments and people have even started to open new centres for online teaching as they know the demand for it is increasing. Hence, due to COVID pandemic, online education has witnessed a major increase in demand.

  1. Manufacturing

Even though many manufacturers are reducing production as adhering to new protocols can prove to be difficult, however, many have increased their production. For example, items like sanitizers, soaps, face masks, even laser printers and more have increased in demand by a very large percentage and their production companies are facing trouble in adjusting to produce these items in mass. Many people have jumped on board and have now started to produce these items as they believe that this is profitable now. It is said that as no vaccine has been developed as yet, and we will need to take health precautions. Hence, these products will still be used by many resulting in as an emerging business opportunity.

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